Take Flight

Before designing your own driftspeeder, try flying a test speeder that's already in the garage to get an idea of the environment.

  1. Click Play to test.

  2. Walk up to the robot, Maja-M35, and press E.

    Below are controls for in-game.

    MoveW A S D or arrow keys
    RotateHold the right mouse button and look around.
    PanHold the middle mouse button to drag your camera around.
  3. Select Race from the menu options. In a race, you'll fly through rings to make the fastest time.

  4. For now, there's only one driftspeeder in the garage to choose from. Select it and then click Start.

  5. Wait for the countdown to finish. While inside, take a minute to get used to flying with the controls below. Since you can't use the mouse while flying, remember to exit the speeder by pressing E.

    Below are controls for the speeder.

    Move the SpeederW A S D or arrow keys
    Boost SpeedShift
    Exit the SpeederE
  6. Stop playing by pressing the red square or press Shift + F5.