Test the Speeder

Before moving on, take time to check that your speeder works correctly.

  1. Click Play.

  2. To take your speeder for a test flight, talk to the robot, Maja-M35. Then select Race and pick your speeder in the selection menu.

  3. While flying, make sure that your driftspeeder looks as you intended. Then stop the playtest and, if needed, fix any issues. Remember, you can stop playtesting with Shift + F5.

Troubleshooting the Speeder

If your driftspeeder does not show up in the selection screen, check the following steps:

Make sure the speeder is in the Garage.

  1. Click on your speeder to help locate it in the Explorer.
  2. In the Explorer, check that it's inside the Garage folder.
  3. If not in Garage, use Cut and Paste Into to move it there.

Check that the speeder has a Body.

  • The code in game only loads speeders that have a Body part grouped within its model.
No extra models
Extra model causes issues