In-Experience UI Containers

In-experience UI container objects such as SurfaceGuis and BillboardGuis hold GuiObjects that you want to display within your experience's 3D world.

The following example shows two different types of UI Containers:


A SurfaceGui object is a container for GuiObjects that display on an object's surface in an experience's 3D world. Similar to decals, the GuiObjects face the same direction as the surface they are on, which you can change through the Face property of the SurfaceGui.


A BillboardGui object is a container for GuiObjects that must always face the camera regardless of the viewing angle. This container is useful for displaying users' names or providing clear map markers.

You can customize the content within a BillboardGui to change size depending on how far a player is from the object. If you want the object to remain the same size regardless of a player's distance from the object, remove any offset from the Size property.

Adornee Property

The Adornee property specifies which BasePart the SurfaceGui or BillboardGui displays on. When you set this property, it overrides the parent part's behavior.

You must set the Adornee property if you parent a SurfaceGui or BillboardGui to the StarterGui or PlayerGui folder.

For example, if you parent a BillboardGui to Part A, but set the Adornee property to Part B, the GUI displays on Part B. If you parent the SurfaceGui or BillboardGui to a part without setting the Adornee, the GUI displays on the part by default.