Learn Roblox Studio

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Building Tutorials


Learn how to build your own models and worlds using parts and terrain.

Building Unique 3D Objects

Use the Union and Negate tools to build complex shapes out of basic parts.

Applying Surface Images

Customize part surfaces with images and repeating textures.

Sculpting Terrain

Use Studio's terrain tools to create entire landscapes in your projects.


Learn how to display information and create interactions for your players.

Creating a Score Bar

Learn the basics of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) with a simple score display.

Interactive Buttons

Make your interfaces interactive by creating a row of in-game buttons.

Proximity Prompts

Create in-game interactions easily with ready-made prompts.

Interfaces on Parts

Learn how to use the SurfaceGui object to display interfaces directly onto parts.


Learn how to immerse your players in your experience with sound and light.

Lighting with Props

Use in-game light sources to illuminate your world.

Playing Background Music

Learn how to use the Sound object to play music for players in your game.

In-Game Sounds

Create sound effects for feedback or environmental features.


Learn how to use particles, beams, and trails to bring your games to life.

Building Particle Effects

Create a simple sparkling effect using the ParticleEmitter object.

Custom Particle Effects

Use ParticleEmitter sequence to create an immersive plume of volcano smoke.

Laser Traps with Beams

Learn how to use the Beam object to create a deadly laser.

Using Particles for Explosions

Use scripting to create a one-off burst of particles around a deadly trap.


Learn how to create natural movement and reactions using physics constraints.

Building a Hinged Door

Learn the basics of constraints by making a door players can walk through.

Building a Ferris Wheel

Create your first moving object by using a hinge as a motor for a wheel.


Learn how to customize the way your game moves with animations.

Creating an Animation

Learn how to use the animation editor to create your own animation.

Scripting Avatar Animations

Use scripting to implement custom animations in your games.

Scripting Tutorials

Basic Scripting

Learn the fundamentals of scripts and Lua in Roblox by creating your first gameplay scenarios.

Introduction to Scripting

Get started with scripting in Studio by making a disappearing platform.

Deadly Lava

Trigger code with in-game events using a killer lava floor.

Fading Trap

Challenge players with touch-sensitive disappearing platforms.

Scoring Points

Use points to keep track of how long players survive and play to win with friends.

Intermediate Scripting

Develop your understanding of scripting with more complex gameplay scenarios and features.

Creating a Health Pickup

Learn new coding patterns by scripting the behavior for a series of health pickups.

Creating Player Tools

Learn how to create and control equippable tools for players.

Hit Detection with Lasers

Use raycasting and hit detection to shoot lasers from a blaster.

Saving Data

Learn how to store data for your game and players on the cloud.

Input and Camera

Learn how to customize the camera and controls of your games.

Controlling the User's Camera

Learn how to create first-person, sidescrolling and isometric camera views.

Detecting User Input

Learn how to bind in-game actions to keys and buttons.