Dynamic Clouds

Roblox's dynamic clouds are realistic clouds that drift slowly across the sky. You can adjust their appearance through the Clouds object to create unique atmospheres such as stormy skies, stunning sunsets, and alien worlds. You can also customize their direction and speed through global wind.

Enabling Clouds

You can manage dynamic clouds in an experience through the Clouds object. While you can place this object anywhere for organization or replication purposes, clouds only render if you parent the object under the Terrain class.

To enable dynamic clouds:

  1. In the Explorer window, hover over Terrain and click the ⊕ button. A contextual menu displays.

  2. From the menu, insert Clouds.

    Clouds object shown in Explorer window of Studio
  3. Adjust the appearance of clouds through the new object's properties and, if desired, set the clouds in motion through global wind.

Cloud Properties

From the Clouds object under Terrain, you can adjust the appearance of clouds through the Properties window.


The Cover property controls how much the clouds span across the overall skyscape layer from a value of 0 (sparse cloud cover) to 1 (full cloud cover).

Clouds with Cover value of 0.65


The Density property controls the intensity of the particles that make up each cloud, mainly affecting their transparency. For example, lower values produce light, semi-translucent clouds, and higher values produce heavy, dark clouds with a stormy appearance.

Clouds with Density value of 0.05


The Color property controls the material color of cloud particles. It's important to note that several Lighting and Atmosphere properties also influence cloud color, so if you want to simulate specific atmospheres, experiment with multiple properties until you have the effect you want.

Clouds with Color value of [255, 255, 255]