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Congratulations! You've completed the Roblox Educator training and are now ready to inspire a new generation through play. We've compiled a list of resources to help you on your journey.

Classroom Kit

To help get your classroom started, the Classroom Kit that includes resources like cheat sheets and customizable templates. The kit can be downloaded as a .ZIP file, or the files can be downloaded individually below.

Download Classroom Kit

Educator Resources

The following resources include different handouts, templates, and guides to better facilitate a Roblox classroom.

Classroom Setup Guide

A step-by-step guide to setting up a classroom such as where to get software and accounts.

Roblox Glossary

Lists common words unique to Roblox, such as obby or Robux.

Trust and Safety Brochure

Outlines the educational benefits of Roblox and safety features, such as chat protections.

Assessment Handouts (.zip)

Assessment with one knowledge-focused quiz and one project-based rubric.

Roblox Client Cheatsheet

In-depth reference for the Roblox Client controls, interface, and common concepts in Roblox games.

Student Resources

The following resources are handouts specifically intended to be distributed to students.

Account Creation Guide

Intended for students, lists the steps needed to create accounts and includes information on safety.

Roblox Studio Cheatsheet

Student friendly reference for using Roblox Studio, the software used to make Roblox experiences.

Explore Experiences

We've compiled some of our favorite experiences to showcase the best that Roblox has to offer. To see more, browse the Learn and Explore Sort.

Ocean Conservation Experience

A museum built in Roblox that educators people about ocean conservations.

Lua Learning

Learn how to code in Lua, the language used in all Roblox projects.

Explore Lesson Plans

Depending on your needs, Roblox Studio has a wide variety of premade lesson plans, great for different ages and subjects.

Single Session Lessons

Try out Roblox with these stand alone lessons. Learn something new in less than an hour.

Story Games

Use strings and variables to create your own story.

Galactic Speedway

Build your own spaceship and race it with friends.

Ages 10 and Up

Lessons below focus on project-based learning with Constructionist principles. Students are able to explore tools in a structured way and produce unique projects they can share with others.

Create an Obstacle Course

Practice design thinking by making an obstacle course.

Design a City

Learn building to make a city for an multiplayer experience.

Ages 13 and Up

For those with more computer experience, explore game design and computer science with these lessons.

Roblox Developer 101

Build a game all while learning computer science and design.

Coding Fundamentals

Explore basics such as variables and if/then statements..

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