Intro to Roblox

This module serves as an introduction to how Roblox supports education. You'll learn what Roblox is as a platform, and how it can be used to promote creativity and 21st century skills.

By the end of this article, you will:

  • Understand how Roblox is a platform that hosts games and virtual learning experiences.
  • Know what it means to run Roblox, such as costs and hardware.
  • Be able to articulate the unique advantages compared to other digital learning tools.

What is Roblox?

You're probably here because you've heard about Roblox, and you have some questions. Such as, what is Roblox and how does it fit into my classroom?


To start, Roblox is not a single game. It's a platform that hosts millions of user-generated experiences. Some examples include historical roleplaying games, or virtual labs to simulate physics experiments. Experiences are designed by Roblox users, who may be individual students or professional studios.

Three examples of experiences are included below.

In addition to playing experiences, students can create their own using Roblox Studio. Using project-based learning, students can collaborate with peers to design a historically accurate city, or learn computer science principles as they create their own 3D world.

Whether a class is playing or designing experiences, we have free lesson plans to support you. Our lesson plans are flexible, with many options for different ages, subjects, or time periods, such as a 45 minute workshop or a semester. Additionally, teaching with Roblox is accessible to all educators. You don't need prior experience in coding or game development to design or play experiences on Roblox.


On Roblox, it's free to play, create, and publish experiences. You don't need to pay licensing fees to use Roblox or to publish a student's project.

There are a few optional features which are available for small fees paid in Robux, the currency used in all Roblox experiences. The most common expense for educators is a private server for playing online, which often averages about $1 (USD) per month. More information on private servers is covered later in the training.


Roblox is actually two software packages with different hardware requirements.

SoftwareUse CaseHardware Requirements
Roblox ClientVisit experiences as a classroomPC, Mac, Chromebook, mobile, and tablet devices.
Roblox StudioCreate or code your own experiencesPC or Mac, with recommended 2-button mouse with a scroll-wheel

Common Questions About Software

Roblox Client Plays All Experiences Installing Roblox Client allows you to play any experience on Roblox. Experiences do not have their own installations.

More Detail on Hardware Specifications For more details such as supported graphics cards or unique mobile device questions, see the Hardware Requirements page.

Software Updates Both Client and Studio require consistent internet access. Regular updates occur on a weekly basis. When the software does update, changes are often minor and do not disrupt curriculum.

Roblox offers educational opportunities and challenges for all ages.

  • For students under 10, there are virtual learning experiences, such as games to improve math skills or roleplay as dinosaurs.
  • Older students can find learning experiences for content such as physics or history. Additionally, they can work in Roblox Studio for project-based learning.

Using Roblox to Learn

Students can primarily use Roblox to play or create. One method is using virtual learning experiences where students play on Roblox. They can go on virtual field trips, explore natural settings, and interact with simulations of real-world phenomena.

Additionally, Roblox can be used for code and creation with Roblox Studio. In Studio, students can design virtual environments or learn computer science with Lua, a text-based coding language similar to Python.

Advantages of Roblox

Roblox is free, accessible, and trusted by educators

All the software and content for Roblox is free, whether you're a small coding camp or a large school district.

Engage students and practice skills

Widely popular among K-12 students, Roblox has unique opportunities for boosting classroom engagement.

  • Engage students in subject-matter content such as history, or experience real-world concepts such as physics and the natural sciences.
  • Support creativity by allowing students to design their own projects, or further skill building as they improve critical thinking abilities.
  • Promote teamwork and communication as students interact in a multiplayer game world, or collaborate simultaneously on projects in Roblox Studio.

We prioritize safety and privacy

Roblox works with parents, educators, and digital safety experts to promote a welcoming environment for everyone. Our software includes features such as chat filters, private servers, and extensive content moderation. To learn more, and see information on compliance such as COPPA, see our Safety page.

Now that you've learned a bit about what Roblox is, in the next section, you'll visit an online Roblox experience. It'll be an interactive opportunity to learn more about Roblox, and become comfortable navigating a virtual world.