Roblox Developer 101

Teach how to code and create games for the Roblox platform - perfect for educators looking for an introductory course with multiple sessions. In the first half of the course, students develop skills in 3D modeling, coding, and design by creating an obstacle course and using code to add gameplay elements like traps. In the second half, they use those skills to create an adventure game where players explore, gather resources, and purchase items.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Manipulate 3D parts and sculpt environments to create a virtual world.
  • Experience the game design process by planning, designing, and playtesting a game.
  • Create scripts for gameplay elements using concepts like if/then statements and variables.

ISTE Standards: Empowered Learner 1d, Innovative Designer 4a, 4c, Creative Communicator 6b, 6c


Roblox Studio BasicsIntroduce students to the course and projects they'll be working on. Then, develop foundational skills such as manipulating parts and creating scripts by creating a simple obstacle course. Once these skills are mastered, students can go on to code an adventure game in later sessions.
Coding FundamentalsExplore the coding concepts of functions, loops, and if/then statements with mini-projects that can be added to games like color changing platforms and traps.
Adventure Game Pt. 1After learning the basics of using Roblox Studio and scripting, students take their skills further by starting a more complex project, the adventure game. They'll plan out elements of their game, create a virtual world, and setup basic gameplay components like keeping track of player items.
Adventure Game Pt. 2Students continue developing the adventure game. They'll create scripts for using tools, selling items, and upgrading their spaces.
Adventure Game Pt. 3Take time to catch up on previous lessons and prepare the adventure game for others to play. Students should evaluate if their game meets the goals of being fun, challenging, and bug-free; redesigning or improving their game as needed.