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Not to be confused with Region3, a separate class that fulfills a different purpose.

The Region3int16 data type represents a volume in 3D space similar to an axis-aligned rectangular prism. It uses two Vector3int16 to store the volume's bounds in the Min and Max properties. It is constructed using, Max), given the two Vector3int16 bounds. This data type features no functions or operations.

Calculating Center and Size

This data type differs from Region3 in that it stores its bounds directly, rather than through a center and size combination. Nonetheless, it is possible to calculate these dimensions using Min and Max:

local region =, 0, -3),, 4, 4))
local size = region.Max - region.Min
local center = (region.Max + region.Min) / 2

Conversion to Region3

The following function can be used to convert a Region3int16 into a similar Region3. It does this by converting the Min and Max properties, which are Vector3int16, into Vector3 used with

local function Region3int16toRegion3(region16)
return, region16.Min.Y, region16.Min.Z),, region16.Max.Y, region16.Max.Z)

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The lower bound of the Region3int16, as passed to

The upper bound of the Region3int16, as passed to