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Assets and other content are reflected through formatted strings, each of which points to an online file or a file saved to the client's device. The basic structure is a protocol followed by :// and a string that varies according to the protocol.


rbxassetidAn existing asset IDFetches a user-created asset uploaded to Roblox.rbxassetid://7229442422
rbxassetA file pathFetches a file from Roblox's content folders.rbxasset://textures/face.png
rbxthumbParameters and valuesAllows for easy loading of thumbnails.rbxthumb://type=Asset&id=24813339&w=150&h=150
rbxhttpA path on the Roblox websiteFetches content from the Roblox website.rbxhttp://Thumbs/Avatar.ashx?x=100&y=100&format=png
https/httpA website URLFetches content from a website using a URL.

For further guidance on using content, see Asset Format Strings.