Working With Third-Party Software

Creators on Roblox often leverage third-party creation tools to make custom assets and content. These external tools typically specialize in areas like 3D modeling, texture creation, or audio editing, and offer additional features and flexibility that complement the Roblox engine.

In most workflows, you create custom assets in third-party software, export them as a common file type, and then import the file into Studio.

Examples of Third-Party Software

The following are examples of third-party software that creators commonly use:

  • 3D Modeling Software

    • Creators use external 3D modeling software such as Blender, Maya, or Cinema 4D to design intricate and detailed 3D models. These models can include characters, props, and environmental assets.
  • Image Editors and Texture Creation Tools

    • Graphics designers and texture artists can use tools like Photoshop or Substance Painter to create high-quality images. You can use these images for graphic interfaces or as textures for your 3D models. These tools allow for detailed painting, mapping, and manipulation of textures to achieve realistic or stylized effects.
  • Audio Editing Software

    • Creators working on sound design or music for their Roblox games might use external audio editing software like Audacity or Reaper. These tools allow for precise control when creating audio assets.

By using third-party software, creators can tap into specialized features, workflows, and expertise, while expanding their creative possibilities and enhancing the overall quality of their Roblox experiences.

Importing to Studio

Studio provides several tools to get your third-party content into Studio depending on the type of asset you upload:

  • Models

    • Uploaded models must follow Studio's Model Specifications.
    • Studio's 3D Importer supports .gltf, .fbx, .obj file formats.
    • You can also use tools like the Roblox Blender Plugin to connect your modeling software to Studio and directly upload your modeling assets between applications.
  • Images

  • Sounds