Basic Clothing Creation

You can create your own custom avatar clothing using Blender and Roblox's downloadable project templates. These project templates include components required for layered clothing, and can double as a mannequin to quickly begin shaping and sculpting your clothing assets. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a clothing asset that contains all the required components for a layered clothing accessory on the Marketplace.

Provided Blender mannequin template
Final Studio-ready clothing asset

This tutorial is intended for creators with moderate Blender experience and uses the following processes to create a clothing item:

  1. Modeling basic clothing using an existing mannequin shape.
  2. Texturing your mesh to change its surface appearance and color.
  3. Caging your clothing mesh using Roblox's template cages.
  4. Rigging your clothing mesh using Roblox's armature templates.
  5. Exporting your asset from Blender.
  6. Importing and converting the model to an accessory in Studio.