3D Art in Roblox

3D art in Roblox refers to the creation and integration of models, environments, effects, sounds, and more to create an engaging and immersive experience. 3D artists bring the world, objects, and characters to life with a variety of tools and techniques using Roblox Studio and external applications.

No matter your creative background, Roblox provides a variety of tools, guides, tutorials, and reference files to help inspire and level up your 3D art creation in your experiences and beyond.

Quick Reference

Whether you're just getting started with Roblox or need a quick refresher, use the following popular resources to get up to speed.

3D Art in Roblox StudioGet up to speed with the many powerful tools and functions in Roblox Studio!Studio for Artists
Using Third-Party ApplicationsUnderstand how to use incorporate your creations from off-platform into Studio.OverviewGeneral Modeling RequirementsDownloadable References
Creating Avatar ItemsCreate accessories, clothing, and bodies that you can sell on the Marketplace.OverviewMarketplace OverviewFees and Commissions


To dive deeper, follow along with guided curriculum that teaches you the skills you need to create and monetize your experiences.

Environmental ArtEnvironmental Art teaches you how to recreate a high-quality environment for a first-person laser tag experience.
Avatar Item TutorialsCheck out our tutorials on creating your own Avatar items ready for the Marketplace.Creating AccessoriesCreating ClothesCreating Characters from Templates


Check out the following showcases made by Roblox and the community. Each of these highlight amazing creativity and technical accomplishments by talented creators.

Roblox CreationsCheck out various experiences created by Roblox. Click to see documentation, downloadable resources, and links to try out the experiences yourself!Mystery of Duvall DriveBeyond the DarkModern City template
Community CreationsCheck out these amazing showcase experiences created members of the community!Toyokawa Inaru Shrine by @nezkoTotoro by @SetDefaulttHotel Resort by @ChooShu_ChoLab by @thisfall

From the Staff

The following articles are from the staff, covering a broad array of topics that can help you on your creative journey both within Studio and beyond.

Creating Buttes and Mesas with Studio Terrain

Create beautiful and striking landscapes using Studio's powerful terrain and material tools.

Custom Skyboxes 101

Apply your own custom skyboxes to your experience to add some flair and elevate your world.

Using Alpha Masks to Customize Colors

Save time and optimize for performance by using alpha masks in your PBR textures.

Creating Perfect Audio Loops

Learn a quick technique to make seamless loops in your audio files. Great for ambience, music, sound effects, and more.

Using Radial Symmetry with Zbrush

Radial symmetry is an extremely versatile sculpting technique applicable in many third-party tools. This article is a primer on radial symmetry in Zbrush.

Looking for more?

Stay up to date with new articles written by our staff on the DevForum. Topics can range from third-party tools, behind-the-scenes, tutorials, and more.

Additional Resources

The following is a list of common 3D art resources ordered by subject, as well as other Studio and Avatar documentation. You can also use the side navigation bar, search bar, or assistant to find specific articles and topics.

Getting Started and Tutorials Specifications and References Guides and Workflows