There are plenty of potential avenues to learn Roblox game development, as well as places where you can engage with other Roblox creators.

Roblox Studio

The application developers use to create 3D immersive experiences on Roblox is called Roblox Studio. If you're completely new to developing on Roblox, start by setting up Roblox Studio and check out Introduction to Roblox Studio to learn the basics.

Roblox Documentation

The best place to learn about Studio's features is to explore the documentation in the left-hand navigation, which includes conceptual and task-based feature guides for topics such as modeling, scripting, or monetization.

Onboarding Tutorials

If you're completely new to scripting and developing, follow step-by-step onboarding tutorials on scripting and building to learn more about the basics of creating experiences.

API Reference

The Roblox Engine API Reference documents the classes, data types, enumerations, globals, and libraries that you can use to create an experience in Studio. It offers technical explanations and code samples.

Developer Forum

The Developer Forum is where Roblox and the creator community communicate with each other. It's the best place to read announcements and updates from Roblox staff, receive help on technical issues, report bugs, and request features.

Creator Dashboard

The Creator Dashboard provides information you can use to evaluate the performance of your experiences and make informed decisions for future updates. You can view developer statistics, information on badges, game passes, and developer products, as well as localization details.

Talent Hub

The Talent Hub is a platform where you can find and collaborate with other creators or showcase your portfolio for game development jobs.