Become an Artist

In the Mansion of Wonder carnival ride, players hop on a ride and defend their cart from enemies. To help in the fight, everyone wields a magic blaster. You'll become an FX artist, designing the special effects used by the blaster, like magical blasts and explosions.

Template Overview

To start your development journey, a template has been created that includes the starter world and code. You'll be able to customize your experience as much as you'd like once you've finished these basic lessons.

Opening the Template

Time to open Roblox Studio! If you need, download Studio, then click the following button to open the Mansion of Wonder template.

Closing Extra Windows

The first time Roblox Studio is launched, extra windows might open up that aren't needed right now. Closing these windows will give you more space to work. You can always open them up again later.

  1. Close each window on the left of the 3D view by clicking the X. If you don't see anything to close on the left, go to the next step.

  2. Leave the windows on the right open. Studio should look like the image below: