Adding Particle Emitters

While testing, you may have noticed that the magic blasts are a bit bland. The white sparks you see right now are just a starting point; you'll make them much cooler by changing a ParticleEmitter.

These objects are used to make special effects in Roblox Studio. If you've seen effects like smoke, fire, or even magic portals in other Roblox experiences, you've seen ParticleEmitters.

Finding the Blast

The template has two customizable ParticleEmitters: one for the magic blast that flies through the air and another for the explosion when it hits an enemy. Start first with the blast, and in a later tutorial, you'll work on the explosion.

  1. Using the camera controls (see below for instructions), move the camera to get a good view of the magic blast, a ball with white sparkles.

    Below are controls on using the camera in Studio.

    MoveW A S D or arrow keys

    Computer Mouse: Hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to look around.
    Laptop Trackpad: Hold down two fingers and click with another.


    Computer Mouse: Use the mouse scroll wheel.
    Laptop Trackpad: Slide two fingers up or down.

  2. In the top right box in Roblox Studio, find the Explorer window. This has all of the pieces of the project, such as code, decorations, and the blast you'll personalize.

  3. You'll need to find the magic blast's particles in the Explorer to work with it. In the Explorer search bar, type BlastParticles, then select the object found.

Changing the Color

Start personalizing the magical blast by giving it a new color.

  1. Changes to ParticleEmitters are made in the Properties window. Find it on the bottom right of Studio, under the Explorer window.

  2. In the Properties, find the Color property and double click the light grey box to its right.

  3. In the popup window, select a color and then click OK.

    You will then have a particle that looks like the example below.