Creating Animations

Creating animations is like posing an action figure. For this tutorial, you'll create two poses. When the game runs, Roblox Studio will connect the poses together to create an animation.

Set Up the Animation Editor

The poses and the final animation will be created using the Animation Editor.

  1. To find the Animation Editor, select the Avatar tab.

  2. Click on the Animation Editor.

    The Animation Editor will open at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Next, you need a character to animate. On the pedestal, one has already been set up for you. Select the figure on top.

    The camera will focus on the selected figure, and the part names that make up the figure will appear in the animation editor.

Preparing To Pose

Before creating the poses, make it easier to pose figures by changing a program setting and then position the camera.

  1. In the Model tab, find the Snap to Grid section. Make sure Rotate and Move are not checked.

  2. Using the camera controls, move the camera to get a good view of the part you want to animate. When moving, hold Shift to slow down camera movements.