Change the Animation

The template has a pre-built setting for what animation to use when players run. To change the animation, you'll need to replace the default animation with yours.

Change the Animation ID

Now that you have the animation ID, you can enter it in your game. Then, Studio will know what animation to play.

  1. Make sure on the right of Studio, you see two windows: the Explorer and Properties.

  2. On the right side of the screen, find the Explorer which lists all of the objects in the game.

  3. To find the walk setting, in the search bar, type "walk".

  4. Click on WalkAnimationID.

  5. Under the Explorer, find the Properties window.

  6. Click the Value field and paste the animation ID by pressing Ctrl + V or + V.

Test and Check

After swapping the animation, play the game to see your creation.

  1. Press the Play Button.

  2. In the game, tap the Move button to see the animation play.

Troubleshooting Tips

Issue: Animation is spotty, skips, or looks glitchy.

  • Make sure that the first and last poses are the same. Right-click on the diamond for the first pose and copy it. Then, paste that pose at the end of the timeline.
  • Check that the figure stays inside the white grid when selected. If not, it may go through walls or the ground.

Issue: Animation isn't the one that you were working on.

  • Check that you've published the animation through the Animation Editor.

  • Find in the Explorer an object named WalkAnimationID. Make sure its Value is only a number.