Snap to Grid

The tile pieces on the palette are lined up on a grid so that they will snap together nicely. To have an easier time keeping them lined up on the grid, adjust the Snap to Grid settings. Snap to Grid controls how much you can move or rotate an object at a time. By default, the move tool only allows objects to move one stud at a time.

The small tiles are 4x4 and the large are 8x8, so changing the Move setting to 4 studs will make it easier to line the tiles up with each other.

  1. Select the Model tab.

  2. Where it says 1 stud, click and type 4.

Place the Starting Points

When designing maps, start with the most important elements such as the starting locations and largest map features.

In Roblox Studio, the player starting locations are set using SpawnLocation objects. There's two of them sitting on the pallette for you to use.

Place the First SpawnLocation

  1. From the Model tab, select the Move tool.

  2. Select one of the SpawnLocations in the palette.

  3. Use the red and blue arrows to drag it onto the island where you want the first SpawnLocation to go. Be careful to drag by the arrows as just grabbing the piece can make it move oddly.

Place the Second SpawnLocation

Pick which half of the island you want to build and where you want the second SpawnLocation to go. The white gridlines are there to help you know where the middle of the island is.

  1. Select the second SpawnLocation in the palette on the right side of the map.

  2. Move the second SpawnLocation. To keep the experience balanced, try and keep both SpawnLocations an equal distance from the center.