Designing Experiences on Roblox

A game designer's role is to create an engaging experience for players, retain those players over time, and devise a sustainable monetization model to fund further development. Whether you are a novice game designer or a veteran, Roblox offers a variety of game design resources to help you through the design process.

What's New

Sketch Series: Onboarding Techniques
Sketch Series: Subscription Design

Sketch Series: Subscription Design
Sketch Series: Retention Metrics

Design Your Experience

  • Designing for Roblox: Learn how Roblox is unique as a platform and how to design experiences with these factors in mind.
  • Core Loops: Learn how to design central gameplay systems to build your experience from the ground up.
  • Prototyping: Learn different prototyping methods for exploring your experience's potential and how they can help bring your vision to life.

Build Your Experience

  • Onboarding: Learn how to design an effective onboarding experience to retain as many new players as possible, increase potential concurrent and daily active users, and improve your experience's monetization potential.
  • Onboarding Techniques: Learn strategies to help direct players through the onboarding funnel as quickly and seamlessly as possible.
  • Quest Design: Learn how to effectively design quests, achievements, and dailies to increase engagement and retention in your experiences.
  • UI and UX Design: Learn how to design user interfaces and how to design an intuitive and engaging experience.

Monetize Your Experience

  • Monetization Foundations: Learn monetization best practices and shop design to maximize your experience's monetary growth potential.
  • Season Pass Design: Learn how to design season passes for your experiences to deliver new content, promote player retention, and generate revenue.
  • Subscription Design: Learn how to design recurring purchases that your players look forward to each month.
  • Contextual Purchases: Learn how to design compelling and unintrusive purchase opportunities that occur outside an experience's shop.
  • Balancing Virtual Economies: Learn best practices to balance virtual economies when introducing new events.

Support Your Experience

  • LiveOps Essentials: Learn how to design content that keeps players coming back and enjoying your experience after launch.
  • LiveOps Planning: Learn how to maintain a dynamic and captivating experience through interweaving the release of two types of content.
  • Analytics Essentials: Learn how to leverage key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify the health of your experience and potential growth opportunities.
  • Content Updates: Learn how to design content cadences to keep players engaged between larger experience updates.