Open Cloud Data Types

Open Cloud APIs use JSON to pass in data in the body and support the following data types.


The string data type is a sequence of characters, such a scope of a data store and a message for publishing to the server. Check the API reference before you pass a string value because some Open Cloud APIs do not support special symbols for strings. You must enclose string values in double quotes like the following example:

Example String

{ "message": "Hello" }


The number data type is an integer or floating point, such as a universeId and a placeId.

Example Number

{ "universeId": 123456 }


The boolean data type can have a value of either false or true.

Example Boolean

{ "allScopes": true }


The object data type is a set of key-value pairs. The key must be strings, and the value can be simple data types such as strings, numbers, and booleans. Use curly braces to enclose an object and separate each key-value pair with a comma. Examples of objects in Open Cloud APIs include a DataStore and an Entrykey.

Example Object

"DataStore": { "name": "DataStore1", "createdTime": "2022-01-01" }


The array data type is an ordered collection of elements such as strings, numbers, and objects. Enclose arrays with brackets and separate each value of an array with a comma.

Example Array

{ "roblox-entry-userids": [123456, 234567, 345678] }