Open Cloud

You can build applications and tools to access your Roblox resources through Open Cloud web APIs. There are several cases in which you might need to programmatically access your creations, including:

  • Automating the experience publishing workflow using Place Publishing API.
  • Browsing user data for customer support and LiveOps using DataStore API.
  • Publishing messages to live servers for annoucements and moderation using Messaging Service API.

Open Cloud supports API key-based access to help automate your internal workflows, and the ultimate goal is to improve your efficiency creating content on Roblox through an application ecosystem of tools and services.

Place Publishing API

Place Publishing API is the Open Cloud equivalent of Publish to Roblox in Studio with granular permission control and automation in continuous delivery process. When you use the API to publish places of an experience, it updates existing places of an experience to a new version, making it useful to build a CI/CD pipeline.

DataStore API

DataStore API fulfills the same functionality as Lua DataStoreService, and it supports the access to data stores from external scripts and tools in addition to Roblox live experiences and Studio.

Messaging Service API

Similar to Lua MessagingService, Messaging Service API supports publishing messages to live servers. You can use the API to build tools such as an announcement portal or a moderation system from outside of Roblox to support your operation needs.