Assistant is an AI helper that can answer questions about building, growing, and monetizing Roblox creations. It is trained on the official Roblox documentation and is designed to answer these categories of questions:

  • Building — Answers questions about creating an experience in Studio.
  • Scripting — Generate simple scripts and/or ask for an explanation of Lua code.
  • Growing — Answers questions about improving an existing experience by leveraging its analytics.
  • Monetizing — Answers questions about how to monetize your experience.

Using Assistant

Assistant is accessible from both the official Documentation site and within Studio.

From Documentation

To access Assistant from the official Documentation site:

  1. In the upper navigation bar, click the Assistant button.

  2. Select a premade question or type your own. See Prompting Tips for guidance on generating improved responses.

  3. Based on the result, you can then:

    • Click thumbs up or thumbs down to rate the result and improve future results.
    • Click the redo icon to process a new result.

In Studio

To access Assistant from Studio:

  1. Click the Assistant button in the top-right corner of Studio.

    Assistant button indicated in top-right area of toolbar
  2. Type a request into the field near the bottom of the window, using guidance from Prompting Tips to generate improved responses. Based on the result, you can then:

    • Click thumbs up or thumbs down to rate the result and improve future results.
    • Click the redo icon to process a new result.
    General user interface for Assistant in Studio

Quick Style

When given a request to generate a material, Assistant in Studio can quickly style existing parts through a lightweight implementation of the Material Generator.

Material variations shown in Assistant for quick styling

Insert Script

If you enter a script generation request like "Make the player's character jump when they touch this part," Assistant will show the script's contents and add the new script instance to the currently selected object in the data model. If nothing is selected, Assistant will make the placement decision based on your prompts.

Requested script inserted into selected part

Explain Code

If you enter a request to explain code and you have a code snippet selected in the Script Editor, Assistant explains what that selected snippet does.

Code explanation provided by Assistant in Studio

Prompting Tips

The following prompting tips enable Assistant to provide a more detailed and helpful response.

Context and Details

The more context and examples you can provide in your prompts, the better. Instead of asking "How can I design a core loop?" provide specific contextual examples, such as:

Help me design a fun core loop for my game. I want to build a game where players can hunt treasure as pirates. They can also buy and upgrade pirate ships and battle each other.

Multi-Step Prompts

Consider using a multi-step prompt to encourage Assistant to think. Instead of simply asking "Can you explain this script to me?" and pasting in the script, ask it to explain step-by-step by separating the question from the script with ###. Doing so enables Assistant to deconstruct and organize the information clearly to provide better answers.

Can you explain what this script is doing step by step?


local part = workspace.Part

local function onTouched(otherPart)
    print(part.Name .. " collided with " .. otherPart.Name)