Polishing and Sharing

Right now, as just a collection of gray parts, your obby might be looking a little dull. Game developers use props, narrative, sound, and color to create a theme for their games.

Theming sets the place and mood for your game. For example, if your obby is space themed, all of the parts might be colored and shaped like asteroids. If it's unicorn themed, maybe the parts are purple, pink, and blue.

Take a moment to consider your theme. What colors would you use to create the following settings?

  • A lush jungle?
  • A haunted house?
  • A unicorn ranch on the moon?

Changing Colors and Materials

Color and material of parts can be changed by editing a part's properties.

  1. Make sure you have one of your obby platforms selected.

  2. In the Properties window, click on the small box within the Color field to select a new color.

  3. In the Material field, click the existing material and select a different option from the pull-down menu.

Tips for Building Faster

Keep building out the levels of your obby. Some tips to improve your building are below.

Duplicating Parts

  1. Select the part.
  2. Right-click and select Duplicate from the drop-down menu.

Working Faster with Hotkeys

Hotkeys are special keyboard key combinations you can use instead of going through menus. The hotkey below is used to duplicate parts.

  • Windows: Ctrl + D
  • Mac: + D

Select Multiple Parts at Once

You can select multiple parts at once and change something about all of them, such as a material, or even move them together.

  1. Hold down Ctrl or Cmd on your keyboard while selecting parts in the Explorer or in the window showing your game.

  2. Change the material or color for your selected parts

Finishing Your First Level

The starting area is the first thing a player sees when they land in your experience. They're a place to introduce new players to your world, and begin setting theme for your game. Think of the last few games you played. What did the starting area look like? What did they make you think about the game?

  1. Create an inviting starting area for people to spawn. This can vary theme to theme. For example, here is a set of walls to keep a player safe before they jump out.

Sharing a Project

In addition to saving your work to a secure place, publishing allows you to share your work with others if you want. To do so:

  1. Make sure all of your work has been published to Roblox.

  2. In the Home tab, click Game Settings.

  3. In the Settings window, click Permission.

  4. Choose Public.

  5. Click the Share button on the top right of Studio. There are various options for sharing the game with others.

Next Steps

And with that, your first Roblox game is complete! Try playing your obby with friends and compete to reach the end of the course fastest.

Now that you've finished, try one of the many other lessons we have on our website.