Open Cloud API Reference

Manage Roblox resources from the web.

Open Cloud APIs are a set of resources and methods that let you build tools and apps to access Roblox resources with standard web APIs. Open Cloud APIs are RESTful, support HTTPS requests, and support API Key and OAuth 2.0 authentication.

The Common Components section of the reference documentation describe concepts and APIs that apply to all of Open Cloud. This includes the following documents:

  • OAuth 2.0 - Describes the endpoints needed to implement the OAuth 2.0 authorization flow. For complete implementation documentation, see the OAuth 2.0 guides.
  • Patterns - Describes special considerations and patterns when making requests and handling responses.
  • Types - Describes common types used by Open Cloud in requests and responses.
  • Errors - Describes the Open Cloud error model and how to handle errors when working with resources.

The Resources sections describe all the resources available in Open Cloud. Each page represents a resource and contains all the methods that can act on the corresponding resource.