With the Model in your project, the last step in the process of clothing creation requires you to convert this object to a standard Accessory that avatars can equip. Using the Accessory Fitting tool, convert the model object to a Accessory that you can then use in your experience or publish to the Marketplace.

To generate the accessory object:

  1. In the Avatar tab, select the Accessory Fitting Tool. The Accessory Fitting Tool panel displays on the left side of the workspace.
  2. Select the Model of the clothing item in the viewport. The tool's text field populates with the name of the object selected. Alternatively, you can select the object within the Explorer window.
  3. Test out various sample characters, clothing, and animations. See Testing Accessories for additional information.
    • If required, make minor cage adjustments using the editing features. Larger cage changes may require returning to your third-party modeling software and re-exporting the asset.
  4. When ready to generate your accessory, click Generate MeshPart Accessory. The Accessory object with your model populates in your workspace. For additional information and documentation on the tool, see Accessory Fitting Tool.
Clothing accessory in Workspace
Clothing accessory in Explorer