Rigid Accessory Creation

Rigid accessories are 3D objects that users can equip to their avatar characters in an experience or through Roblox's Marketplace and Avatar Editor. Unlike clothing accessories or bodies that require caging, rigging, and skinning in a third-party modeling application, rigid accessories attach directly to an avatar character and do not bend or deform to the character's body. Since they do not require additional configuration in a third-party application beyond modeling and texturing, rigid accessories are usually the most basic type of 3D avatar item to create.

Using a provided 3D reference file, this tutorial covers each step in the workflow to properly configure and export a 3D model from Blender and generate your own rigid accessory in Studio. After you create the accessory, you can upload it to the Marketplace, save it to your toolbox, and use it in your own experiences.

Mask asset as an untextured mesh object in Blender

Mask asset equipped as an Accessory in Studio

Using a provided reference 3D asset, this tutorial covers the following rigid accessory workflow:

  1. Modeling overview and requirements in Blender.
  2. Texturing setup using PBR textures in Blender.
  3. Exporting your asset as a .fbx from Blender.
  4. Importing the asset into Studio.
  5. Fitting and converting the imported model to an Accessory object.
  6. Publishing and validating the accessory for Marketplace upload.