The Mystery of Duvall Drive

The Mystery of Duvall Drive Banner

The Mystery of Duvall Drive is an official Roblox experience used to showcase Studio's various features and tools to create an immersive environment. Returning from the Kerr-Newman DSR-14 space station, we now invite you to explore the dark abandoned house and its many mysteries in this official demo, which is both uncopylocked and editable in Studio, as well as a great palette of assets and examples that you can model and use similarly in your own experiences!

Similar to the previous Beyond the Dark showcase, this document demonstrates the process of going from simple sketches to a rich 3D environment with mind-bending visuals. Our goal is to provide information on both how we used Studio tools and why we used the features we did to achieve our results, including:

  • MaterialService and custom materials
  • Packages and their ability to streamline processes
  • Volumetric Audio and SoundService
  • Streaming Enabled for complex experiences

You can follow the articles sequentially or jump between the following sections: