Scripting Libraries

Scripting Libraries give quick access to useful utilities and tools.

A collection of methods for working with immutable data in a functional way for Roblox Lua.
A collection of core utilities expanding the capabilities of Lua in Roblox.
Luau RegExp
A regular expression library for Luau.
Luau Polyfill
A set of utilities to mimic common JS polyfills needed for translating projects from JS to Lua/Luau
Luau Tag Utils
Utility functions to query Instances from tags attached with CollectionService
Picomatch Lua
A re-implementation of picomatch, a blazing fast and accurate glob matcher, in Luau.
Symbol Luau
A simple, stable implementation of Symbol in lua
Signal Lua
A well-structured, well-tested, and well-documented lua signal implementation
ZenObservable Luau
A re-implementation of ZenObservable, an observable library, in Luau.
React Lua
A comprehensive translation of upstream React 17.x into Lua.
Roact Navigation
A declarative navigation system for App UI, built on top of Roact.
Roact Performance Benchmarks
Performance benchmarks for Roact.
GraphQL Lua
A reference implementation of GraphQL for Roblox Lua.
GraphQL Tag Lua
A Lua template literal tag that parses GraphQL queries.
Apollo Client Lua
Apollo Client for GraphQL translated to Lua.