User Advertisements

User advertisements allow you to notify users of experiences they can play, items they can purchase in the Marketplace, or groups they can join. When a user clicks the ad, it opens the main page of whatever you are advertising.

Bidding System

Advertisement space works on a bidding system where the higher you set your Daily Budget amount in relation to other creators' bids, the more likely your sponsored experience will display within the Sponsored category on the Home and Discover pages. For example, if there are three sponsored experiences in the bidding system, advertising space is split according to how much each user has bid:

UserBid AmountResult
A50 Robux
B100 RobuxUser B's sponsored experience will display twice as often as User A's.
C300 RobuxUser C's sponsored experience will display six times as often as User A's, and three times as often as User B's.

Creating Ads

There are three types of image advertisements you can create:

Placement Banner728×90 pixelsTop or bottom of the Roblox website.
Skyscraper160×600 pixelsLeft or right-side of the Roblox website.
Rectangle300×250 pixelsRight-side or bottom of the Roblox website.

All advertisement images must be in either .png or .tga format, and they must adhere to the Community Rules and Terms of Use.

To create an ad:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard.

  2. Click on the thumbnail of the experience you want to associate with the user advertisement. The experience's Overview page displays.

  3. In the left-hand navigation, under Promotion, click the Advertise link.

    Advertise button indicated for an experience on the Creator Dashboard
  4. On the creation page, optionally click one of the three template buttons to view/download an ad template upon which you can design your ad.

  5. In the Name your Ad field, enter what you want to display when users hover over the ad.

  6. In the Upload an Ad region, drag in the image you want to use for your ad or upload it through the select an image from your computer button.

  7. Click the Upload button.

Your ad is now within the moderation queue and is only visible to you on the User Ads page. Once approved, you can run an ad cycle.

Running Ad Cycles

Ad cycles run for 24 hours, and the ad displays to users according to the advertising space bidding system for that time period. To run an ad cycle:

  1. Navigate to the User Ads page.
  2. Click the "gear" dropdown menu to the right of the ad you want to run, then select Run Ad.
  3. In the Bid in Robux field that appears, enter how many Robux you want to spend to run your ad.
  4. Click the Run button. A Make Ad Bid dialog displays that confirms both the amount of Robux you want to spend, and how many impressions Roblox estimates you will receive with that bid.
  5. Click the Place Bid button to confirm the ad cycle.

Once the ad cycle runs, you'll be able to track the ad's performance on the same page. Roblox tracks the following performance metrics:

BidThe amount spent for the current ad cycle.
ClicksEvery time a person clicks on your ad for the current ad cycle.
CTR ("Click Through Rate")Clicks divided by impressions.
ImpressionsEstimate for the number of times the ad was served.
Total BidThe amount spent for every ad cycle the ad has completed.
Total Clicks The sum of all clicks for every ad cycle the ad has completed.
Total CTRThe sum of all clicks divided by the sum of all impressions for every ad cycle the ad has completed.