Roblox Connect Project

Roblox Connect is an experience where you can call a friend and have a conversation as your avatars, together in a shared immersive space. From a developer's perspective, it is a non-copylocked experience that demonstrates one way of consuming the call-related methods and events of SocialService and PlayerViewService. The possible use cases are limitless and this guide provides examples of how they're used in Roblox Connect.

Project Overview

Developers can introduce synchronous avatar communication into any experience on Roblox utilizing current methods and events. Some of the noteworthy Roblox Connect feature highlights and call privacy details are shared below.

Environment Switcher

To provide a better immersive communicative experience, the project includes an environment switcher that allows players to move from environment to environment. When moving among environments in the same place, player characters are repositioned via PivotTo(). When moving to an environment in a different place, players are teleported via TeleportService to their desired location.

Additionally, a "handshake" model is implemented to ensure both players in the private space agree to being relocated before actually doing so. If one player declines the request to change environments, the entire transaction is canceled and no players are relocated.

In regards to the call, teleport is to a reserved server and all call participants are teleported together. If this teleport condition is not met, or if the teleport itself fails, the call is ended.

Environment switcher in Roblox Connect

Camera Modes

Roblox Connect introduces two unique camera modes in addition to the default camera mode, both of which you can utilize to enhance your own experiences. Furthermore, when switching between various camera modes, a camera transitioner makes switching between modes feel seamless.

Camera mode switcher in Roblox Connect


In picture-in-picture mode, camera focus is on your call partner and a small view of your character floats on the screen. This mode also includes head tracking, and the local player's movement is restricted.

Picture-in-picture camera mode in Roblox Connect


The cinematic mode attempts to keep both player characters within your camera viewport at all times. Player movement is not restricted and, as characters move around, the camera detects their movement and adjusts accordingly.

Cinematic camera mode in Roblox Connect


The freeplay mode uses the default Roblox character camera, letting you move around while also talking to your call partner. Your partner's character will not necessarily be in view.

Emote Bar

The project's emote bar is a cloned version of the EmoteBar developer module. Out of the box, the module contains a lot of key features, but Roblox Connect requires a few specific changes such as returning the character to "idle" state after performing the emote once.

Emote bar in Roblox Connect


If someone who is not in the call is added to the reserved server, or is already in the reserved server, the call is ended.

API Implementation

Roblox Connect takes advantage of new SocialService and PlayerViewService methods and events to build an immersive communication platform.