Get Started with Roblox Education

Get Started with Roblox Education

Discover resources, best practices, and lesson plans to incorporate Roblox experiences into your classroom.

Get Started with Roblox Education

Roblox is more than an online entertainment platform, it's an educational tool where the opportunities for creativity and imagination are limitless. We offer free software and curriculum to teach students of all ages computer science, digital citizenship, entrepreneurship, and more.

Educator Onboarding

Implement Roblox in the classroom with our training and guides.

Education Content

Find free lessons using Roblox whether it's for creation or learning.

Developer Onboarding

For studios and developers interested in making educational projects on Roblox.

Learning Experiences

A list of experiences that can facilitate learning through play.

Find Roblox Educators

A resource for our community that lists educators using Roblox to educate.