Live Animation Creator

The Live Animation Creator (Beta) allows you to quickly generate high-quality, realistic full-body animations for your R15 rigs by importing videos for the Animation Editor to use to track the body's movement and generate corresponding keyframes. This significantly speeds up the manual process of creating animations, and allows you to personalize your avatars and NPCs with life-like mannerisms in a few minutes.

Enabling the Animation Capture Beta

To ensure that the UI options display that you need in order to import a video for animation creation, you must first enable the Live Animation Creator beta feature. If you do not enable the beta feature, the Animation Editor only displays its default UI options without live animation creation functionality.

To enable the Live Animation Creator beta feature:

  1. In the menu bar, click File. A contextual menu displays.

  2. Select Beta Features. The Beta Features window displays.

  3. In the beta features list, enable Live Animation Creator.

  4. Click the Save button.

  5. Restart Studio.

Importing Videos for Animation

Before you import a video to the Animation Editor, ensure the .mp4 or .mov file meets the following requirements:

  • It includes just one person who is well-lit and visible throughout the video.
  • It only contains a continuous single shot that's less than 15 seconds from a stable camera.
  • It adheres to Roblox's Community Rules and Terms of Use.

To import a video to create an animation:

  1. Open the Animation Editor.

    1. In the menu bar, navigate to the Plugins tab.
    2. In the Animations section, click on the Animation Editor. The Animation Editor window displays.
  2. In the Explorer window, select the R15 rig you want your video to animate. A dialog displays.

  3. In the Animation Name field, enter a new animation name, then click the Create button. The Animation Editor window displays the media and playback controls, timeline, and track list.

  4. Navigate to the Media and Playback Controls and click the button. A pop-up menu displays.

  5. Hover over Import, then click Live Animation Creator from the contextual menu. A contextual menu displays.

  6. Click the Choose Video button.

  7. Select the video you want to import from your local machine, then click the Open button. After about a minute, keyframes that correspond to movement in your video display within the timeline.

After your import is successful, you can save and export your animation to use across all of your experiences.