Roblox allows you to animate both pre-built and custom rigs (objects with individual sections connected by joints) through the Animation Editor, which has a suite of advanced features for creating detailed animations. After you create an animation, you can either use scripting to play the animation manually in your experience, or you can replace one or more default animations for player characters.

Animation Editor

The Animation Editor plugin allows you to design and publish custom animations on rigs. You can move the joints that connect individual sections of a rig to create poses, and the Animation Editor smoothly animates the rig from pose-to-pose. As long as all moving parts are connected with Motor6D objects, you can use the Animation Editor for both human and non-human rigs.

When creating animations, Studio provides the following features to animate effectively:

  • Instantly create face and body animations through the Animation Capture tool.

  • Switch to the Curve Editor to access the curve-based animation UI and more control over your animation tracks.

  • Make realistic animations by posing and animating Bones of a rigged mesh. You can combine this with a skinned mesh to generate natural-looking character poses.

Inverse Kinematics

Speed up your animation process and create natural animation and poses with Inverse Kinematics. Using IKControl, you can position or adjust a single object and generate interactive and complex character animations at any point during an experience.

Animation Events

An animation event is a specific point in an animation that triggers an action. You can define animation event markers across the Animation Editor timeline span, then use AnimationTrack:GetMarkerReachedSignal() to detect those markers as the animation runs to perform specific actions, such as playing a sound effect whenever the user's foot touches the ground.

Pre-Built Rigs

The Build Rig plugin allows you to insert pre-built humanoid rigs for animation purposes. You can insert either R6 or R15 rigs. A R6 rig is an object with 6 moving parts while a R15 rig is an object with 15 moving parts, significantly expanding R6's limited motion range.



Custom Rigs

You can import your own custom rigged meshes and models for use in animation. See Rigging for more information on creating and importing your own custom rigs.