Developer Statistics

Roblox allows you to view and download an experience's developer statistics for analytical purposes, such as determining its top-earning developer products and most-visited places.

Developer statistics include:

Opening Developer Stats

To open an experience's Developer Stats page:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard. Every experience you have created displays.

  2. Select the experience you want to view developer stats for.

  3. In the left-hand navigation, select Developer Stats.


There are three tabs at the top of every Developer Stats page:

Live Stats

Live Stats displays the number of players in the entire experience according to the platform they are using, and it updates every 30 seconds. This data is useful when making decisions about how to support features and performance that depend on the devices of your user base.

Filtered Devices

Filtered Devices displays which low-end devices are automatically prevented from accessing your experience due to performance issues, as well as their crash rate in seconds. This data is useful to determine how compatible your experience is with older hardware.

Historical Data

Historical Data displays visit and revenue information which you can filter by hour, date, or month. This data can help you understand your user retention and revenue based on a user's platform. It includes the following charts:

Chart Name Description
Visits The amount of times users have visited your experience.
Average Visit Length The average amount of time in minutes that users have spent in your experience.

Developer Product Sales

Developer Product Sales displays the amount of users that visit your experience per hour, the average amount of time they visit, and how much Robux you have earned for that hour based on Developer Product sales. By selecting the dropdown menu, you can also filter this data by platform. While this data set is similar to the Robux Revenue table in Historical Data, this data is useful to see how much of your Robux revenue is based on Developer Products alone.

Downloading Detailed Stats

Aside from the developer stats located in the Experience tab, you can also download more detailed statistical data, such as how much of your revenue comes from Game Pass sales, Developer Product sales, or ad impressions. To download developer stats:

  1. At the top of the Developer Stats page, click the Export tab.

  2. Under Download Monthly Revenue Data, click on the dropdown menu, then select the month you want to view developer stats for.

  3. Click on the Download CSV button.

After the file finishes generating, you can open it in a spreadsheet editing program for custom querying. For descriptions of the data included, refer to the following table:

Column Description
PlaceId ID of the place in which the transaction occurred.
PlaceName Name of the place in which the transaction occurred.
GameId ID of the experience in which the transaction occurred.
GameName Name of the experience in which the transaction occurred.
ItemId Product ID of the item that was sold. This is an internal Roblox ID and is not the same thing as an asset ID.
ItemName Name of the item that was sold.
ItemType Type of item that was sold.
Date The day that the sale occurred.
SalesVolume Number of sales of the item.
Impressions Estimate for the number of times your ad was shown to a user when using the Roblox app or website, or when your ad was requested from servers.
Revenue The profit that you made from the item.
RevenueSource Whether the revenue was from a sale or an ad impression.
Device The type of device the user was on.