Creating a Battle Royale

Series Description

Create a round-based multiplayer experience where users compete to be the last player left! A great next lesson after the adventure game, this series expands on core concepts in game design and computer science. Once finished, the experience can be easily customized with unique gameplay elements and monetized.

Objectives and Prerequisites

Learning Objectives

Practice modular programming by creating scripts that separately handle game functions, like teleporting players or starting a match timer.

Implement events whenever game matches start and end to create cause and effect relationships between separate scripts.

Implement arrays to manage players and manipulate them as needed as players start, win, or leave games.

Understand the coding architecture of round based games, including how to cleanup and reset to making looping gameplay.


Understand how to use if statements, arrays and for loops.

Have a general understanding of module scripts.

Series Contents

Project SetupPlan out a vision for the experience and build out a map to test gameplay and movement with.
Coding the Game LoopUse module scripts to code a game loop that will run in the background of the experience.
Managing PlayersContinue to use module scripts to manage an array of players and perform functions such as teleporting them to a match.
Timers and EventsUse events to track different states of the game and signal whenever a state changes, such as the end of a timer.
Creating a GUIDisplay the current game state and other information to players using a graphical user interface.
Ending MatchesTrack the current player count in matches and use that information to send events that trigger the game's end.
Clean Up and ResetLearn how code is cleaned up to ensure that each player experiences a continuous gameplay loop after a match.
Finishing the ProjectFind assets to decorate the map and see optional challenges to take the experience further.

Example Project

Battle Royale Example

Play a version of the final project to see what you can develop with this series.