Coding Fundamentals

Series Description

Start coding on Roblox with this easy-to-follow series covering the fundamentals of how to use the programming language Lua. These courses are perfect for those new to coding or just starting with Lua. Each course centers around a foundational computer science principle, and features individual lessons with step-by-step tutorials you can use to create your own experiences on Roblox.

Before beginning this course, the reader should have basic knowledge of Roblox Studio, as demonstrated in Introduction to Studio.

Series Contents

Variables and Objects Create your first script and start making things happen with code. These tutorials cover variables, data types, and properties.
Functions and EventsUse functions to create chunks of code that run only when you tell it. Connect your code to in-world events to create interactive objects like traps or bridges.
ConditionalsConditionals use the coding pattern of "if this happens then do that." Apply this pattern to check if the time is right to unlock power ups for your players.
LoopsLearn how to repeat code a certain amount of time or make it run forever using for and while loops. Practice using these loop types to code timed bridges and flashing lights.
Dictionaries and ArraysLearn how to store a lot of data in a single variable using tables and arrays. Data structures such as these can store large data sets like a player's inventory.
Organizing CodeTake your code organization a step further and learn about module scripts, a unique type of script that can interact with other scripts in Roblox Lua.