Marketplace Overview

The Marketplace is where all Roblox users can find avatar items to purchase and equip to their global avatar character. In the Marketplace, you can find character bodies and heads, clothing, accessories, animations, and other cosmetic items.

Users can access the Marketplace through the web or within the Roblox App. Developers can also set up access to the Marketplace within their experiences by using the Avatar Editor Service. Developers receive a commission based of sales of Marketplace items within their experience.

Selling on the Marketplace

Creators can sell 3D accessories, clothing, and character bodies on the Marketplace. To ensure that assets you create meet Roblox's technical and community standards, make sure to review the following important policies and guidelines:

  • Marketplace Policy — covers the rules and policies for Marketplace creators and their assets.
  • Intellectual Property — provides an overview of how intellectual property works on the Marketplace.
  • Moderation — describes the process in which assets are moderated, including instructions on filing appeals and submitting DMCA requests.

If you have an asset ready to sell, and both you and your asset meets Roblox's policies and guidelines, you can begin uploading and publishing your assets to the Marketplace. Depending on the type of item sold, various fees and commissions can apply. For more information, Fees and Commissions.