Testing Poses

With the clothing mesh parented to an armature, you can now perform quick tests to verify that your clothing deforms correctly.

To test your clothing's movement:

  1. With your armature selected, navigate to the Properties panel > Armature properties.

  2. In Viewport Display > Show, enable In Front. The In Front property enables you to easily see and access the bones for posing.

  3. In the viewport, select your armature and navigate to Pose mode.

  4. Click on various bones and press R to rotate and set a pose. After pressing R:

    1. Click to save the rotation.
    2. Right-click to cancel an unsaved rotation.
    3. If you have saved a rotation, reset your pose in the viewport with right-click and select Clear User Transforms.
  5. Try various natural poses of your character to ensure that your clothing stretches and fits correctly.