It's important to follow the Blender export settings to ensure a Studio-compatible .fbx file. Before exporting your file, ensure that you've removed extra objects, such as lights, cameras, or mannequins, and applied or removed any active modifiers.

To export your file from Blender:

  1. In the topbar, click File. A pop-up menu displays.

  2. Select Export, then FBX (.fbx). The Blender File View window displays.

  3. On the right-hand side, change the Path Mode property to Copy, then toggle the Embed Textures button.

  4. If your project doesn't have .01 scene unit scaling, set the Transform > Scale to .01.

  5. Under the Armature section, disable Add Leaf Bones.

  6. Disable Bake Animation.

  7. Click the Export FBX button.