City People Cars

City People Cars was originally built as an internal Roblox demo and is now available as a public technical demo. You can also download the .rbxl file directly.

CPC features a living, breathing city — cars drive through the streets and obey traffic laws while people walk along the sidewalks. The city was built with a realistic art style, using high detail assets with PBR textures and surface appearance enabled, giving the surfaces additional depth.

City People Cars Example


At a high level, City People Cars contains the following:

  • 12,000×12,000 stud map with a large coastal city and outer rural areas.
  • NPCs that walk around or drive vehicles through the city.
  • Traffic system — pedestrians and vehicles obey traffic laws.
  • Behavior trees used to drive a variety of NPC behaviors.
  • Customizable number of NPCs and vehicles/drivers that appear in the city.
  • Support for all platforms, controller types, and screen sizes.