Selling on the Creator Store

You can sell plugins on the Creator Store for United States Dollars (USD). Roblox offers a market-leading revenue share for these sales, as only taxes and payment processing fees are deducted.

In order to set any USD prices and sell your assets, you must have a seller account. Roblox administers seller accounts through Stripe, a third-party payments provider. If you meet Roblox's eligibility requirements, you can fill out Stripe's application form to create a seller account.

Once you have a seller account, you can set USD prices for your plugins from their asset configuration pages and sell them on the Creator Store.


Roblox's eligibility requirements for sellers, customers, and assets are stricter than previous requirements for selling and buying with Robux. Even if you're have previously sold on the Creator Store, you will only be able to continue doing so if you meet these requirements, create a seller account, and set USD prices.

For Sellers

In order to create a seller account, you must meet the following Roblox eligibility requirements:

  • Your Roblox account must be verified with a government ID.
  • Your Roblox account must not have been recently banned for any reason.
  • You must be either 18 years of age or older, or 13-17 years of age with parental consent.
  • You must reside in one of the countries supported by our third-party payments provider.

If you violate any of these requirements after you create your seller account, your account will be suspended, your assets will be taken off sale, and payouts will be frozen. If you believe your account was incorrectly suspended, you can appeal the applicable violation.

For Customers

Only individual user accounts may purchase assets for USD on the Creator Store. Groups are ineligible to purchase plugins.

Transactions between any individual customer and seller are capped per month for safey purposes. If you're buying a lot of assets from one seller in a single month, any purchase over the limit will be prohibited until the following month. This includes any purchases between alternate accounts for either the customer or seller.

For Assets

Every asset that you sell on the Creator Store must adhere to the Community Rules, Terms of Use, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If any asset breaks these rules, the asset and your account may be subject to moderation.

In addition, you can only sell plugins that you own from an individual user account. Group-owned assets are ineligible. If you want to sell a group-owned asset, consider re‑uploading them under individual ownership.

Seller Account

All prospective sellers on the Creator Store must complete an application form through Stripe to create their seller account, set USD prices, and receive payouts. This process applies even if you have previously sold plugins for Robux on the Store.

Completing the Application Form

If your Roblox account meets all eligibility criteria on the Seller Onboarding page, Roblox provides a link to an application form through Stripe so that you can apply for a seller account. This application form collects your personal information in order to process your case.

To avoid any delays in the application process, ensure you have the following details ready before you start filling out the form:

  • Banking information, such as account number and sort code.
  • Name and home address.
  • Contact information, including your phone number and email address.
  • Tax identification numbers (TIN), if applicable. This may differ depending on your country of residence.
  • A W8 / W9 form.

The form also asks for a 'statement descriptor' and a 'website', but you do not need to fill these in. If you do provide a custom statement descriptor, Roblox automatically overrides this.

After you fill out the application form, you'll receive an email acknowledging your submission, and Roblox will send you a notification when there are updates on your application. It can take up to 7 days to review your information and create your seller account.

Checking Approval Status

To check the status of your application, revisit the Seller Onboarding page, then click Edit Account Info. Your approval status can be in any of the following states:

  • Pending — Your information is being reviewed.
  • Failed — Your seller account has not been created, either because of an error or because your information was incorrect.
  • Information Needed — Stripe requires more information from you before they can confirm your seller account.
  • Success — Your seller account has been successfully created. You can set prices and sell assets.
  • Rejected - You cannot create a seller account due to fraudulent or malicious activity.


Once Stripe confirms your information and creates your seller account, you can start setting USD prices for your assets. If your assets are public at that time, they will go on sale on the Creator Store.


You can set prices on the Creator Dashboard. Plugins have a minimum price of $4.99 and maximum price of $249.99. Models will have a minimum price of $2.99 and maximum price of $249.99. If an asset may not offer value at the minimum price, you can always offer it for free.

You cannot set USD prices in Studio.


When a user buys an asset, the money from the sale enters a 30 day escrow period. At the end of that period, the money adds to the next payout cycle. If your seller account is denominated in a non-USD currency, conversion happens as each sale's proceeds are transferred into your balance. See Stripe currency conversions for more information.

Your earnings automatically pay out once a month to the bank associated with your seller account. This occurs on the first of every month. You cannot access your earnings outside of the payout schedule.

For some countries and currencies, there is a non-zero minimum payout amount. These minimums are documented in the Stripe minimum payouts table and Stripe cross-border minimum payout amounts table—the effective minimum is the greater number. ISK, HUF, TWD and UGX currencies have special conditions.


Reimbursements for customers deduct from the seller's account. This may occur if:

  • A customer requests a refund or chargeback for an asset.
  • An asset is moderated after customers have already purchased it.

When a refund occurs, Roblox removes the asset from the customer's inventory. If a very high proportion of sales for an asset come from accounts with an exceptional history of chargebacks, the asset is taken off sale and your payouts are frozen. If you have grounds to appeal this action, you can file a request with Roblox support.

Transactions and Upcoming Payouts

You can find a record of all your Creator Store transactions on the Transactions page of the Creator Dashboard. This includes both your Incoming Payments (sales) and your Outgoing Payments (purchases) on the Store.

Above your transaction record are details of any upcoming revenue, along with a past payout total. Available Balance is the money you will be paid in the next payout. Pending Revenue is the revenue currently held in 30-day escrow, which will eventually enter your Available Balance once the escrow period on each transaction has expired.