Promotional Thumbnails

Thumbnails appear at the top of your experience's main page, allowing you to further promote your experience, showcase its features, and announce updates and events. They are the first images users see after clicking on your experience icon.

There are two types of thumbnails that you can use to market your experience:

  • Image — Supplements the experience icon, such as screenshots of gameplay or slides that demonstrate key details of your experience.

  • Video — Links directly to YouTube. Many creators use this type of thumbnail to display trailers.

Images are free to upload while videos have a moderation cost of 500 Robux.

Example of how thumbnails are displayed to users

Opening the Thumbnails Page

The Thumbnails page is where you perform all thumbnail-related tasks, such as uploading, ordering, and deleting thumbnails.

To open the Thumbnails page:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard. All of your experiences display.

  2. Click on the experience you want to perform a thumbnail-related for. The experience's Overview page displays.

  3. In the left-hand navigation, select Places. All places within that experience display.

  4. Select the start place that displays with a star icon ().

  5. In the left-hand navigation, select Thumbnails. The Thumbnails page displays.

Adding Thumbnails

You can add up to 10 images or video links per experience from the Thumbnails page.


When you're creating an image to upload, use a template of 1920×1080 pixels in either .jpg, .gif, .png, .tga, or .bmp format.

To upload an image from the Thumbnails page:

  1. Set the media type to Image and click the UPLOAD IMAGE button. A file browser displays.

  2. Select the image you want to display on your experience's main page, then click the Open button. The file browser closes, and a preview of your thumbnail displays.

  3. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Once the moderation team reviews your image thumbnail to ensure it adheres to the Community Rules and Terms of Use, it displays to all users.


While you can't directly upload videos to Roblox, you can link to videos you own on YouTube.

To link to a video for a thumbnail in the Thumbnails page:

  1. Set the media type to Video. Additional fields display.

  2. In the YouTube URL field, enter the URL of the video that you want to display as a video thumbnail, then click the ADD VIDEO button

  3. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Once the Moderation team reviews your image thumbnail to ensure it adheres to the Community Rules and Terms of Use, it displays to all users.


In addition to uploading custom image thumbnails, you can let Roblox auto-generate images from the experience itself to showcase your environment designs. Auto-generated thumbnails are based on Studio's camera position for the most recent publish of the place.

To auto-generate an image from the Thumbnails page:

  1. Set the media type to Auto-generated image. A preview displays.

  2. Click the ADD THUMBNAIL button.

  3. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Ordering Thumbnails

If you upload multiple thumbnails, the experience's main page cycles through them automatically. To change the order of the thumbnail cycle from the Thumbnails page:

  1. Click-and-hold a thumbnail's order icon.

  2. Drag it up or down. The other thumbnails move according to the thumbnail's new position.

  3. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Deleting Thumbnails

Once you have uploaded a thumbnail to the Thumbnails page, it displays below the preview image with a trash can icon near the right of its tile. To delete a thumbnail:

  1. Click the trash can icon. A pop-up window displays asking if you would like to permanently delete the thumbnail.

  2. Click the DELETE button.

Once you confirm the action, the thumbnail deletes from the queue and from the experience's main page.

Capturing Thumbnails in Free Camera Mode

Free camera mode is a useful tool to capture in-experience screenshots and videos because it allows you to move the camera to positions that aren't possible when testing or playing under normal circumstances. To enable free camera mode:

  1. Navigate to an experience where you have server-side developer console access.

  2. In the Home tab of the menu bar, navigate to the Test section and click Play.

  3. Press Left Shift + P.

Once in free camera mode, you can use the following controls:

Keys/Shortcuts Action
W A S D Moves the camera forward/left/back/right.
Q E Moves the camera down/up.
Shift In combination with any movement key, changes the camera speed.
Right Mouse Button When pressed, dragging the mouse moves the camera view around.
Mouse Scroll Wheel Zooms the camera in or out.
Ctrl/ + Shift + G Disables all CoreGuis but not user-created GUIs.
Ctrl/ + Shift + C Disables all user-created GUIs but not CoreGuis.