Game Icons

A game icon is one of the most important factors to get other users to notice your experience, as it is the first image that users see when your experience displays on the Discover page.

As it is the first impression they will have of your experience, it's important that the game icon is clear about what a user should expect when they play the experience, such as the experience's style and genre. For more information on maximizing the impact of your game icon, see Best Practices.

When you publish an experience for the first time, a game icon is automatically generated from a collection of default images. While you can only have one game icon, you can also include supplementary image and video thumbnails that further promote your experience, showcase its features, and announce upcoming updates and events.

Uploading Game Icons

To ensure your game icon always displays in high resolution and with an ideal aspect ratio, use a template of 512×512 pixels. Occasionally game icons will scale down to smaller sizes throughout Roblox, such as the Games page which displays game icons at 150×150 pixels. Some details may be lost in this process, so it is best to confirm your game icon details will remain clear by previewing the game icon at smaller sizes, such as 128x128 pixels.

To upload a game icon:

  1. In the Home tab of the menu bar, navigate to the Settings section and click Game Settings. The Game Settings menu displays.

  2. In the Basic Info section, navigate to Game Icon and select the ┼ icon. A file browser displays.

  3. Select the image you want to display as your game icon, then click the Open button. The file browser closes, and preview of your game icon displays.

  4. Click the Save button.

Once the Moderation team reviews your game icon to ensure it adheres to the Community Rules and Terms of Use, it will display to all users.

Best Practices

To create the most positive impact on users looking to play your experience, consider the following best practices.

Prioritize High Quality Images

When you upload a game icon, it should be a square and at least 512×512 pixels so it always shows up in high resolution and quality for users. When you use the recommended aspect ratio, you also avoid distorted, lower quality images.

High quality game icon
Low quality game icon
Rectangular game icon
Square game icon
Distored game icon

Provide Relevant Content

A game icon will have a higher impact on users if it is unique and provides relevant information on what they should expect when they play your experience. Game icons with ambiguous graphics may lead to unnecessary confusion, and users may avoid your experience altogether. Unless a user has a specific connection to the graphic, they will not understand its meaning. For example:

Fantasy game icon
Ambiguous game icon

Since the game icon is the first impression users have when looking for experiences to play, it is recommended to quickly replace the default Roblox icons as they provide no context for your experience.

Theme park game icon
Default Roblox game icon

You can quickly express your experience's theme with color to help users decide if your experience is relevant for their needs. For example:

Brightly colored game icon
For a dream-like or fantasy genre, use bright, pleasant colors.
Dark, high contrast game icon
For a horror experience, use a heavy color balance and contrast.