Social and Roleplay

Social features provide ways for players to play with friends and interact with other players. The following videos feature top developers sharing their advice for designing social mechanics and creating spaces for player interaction.

Worldbuilding Roundtable featuring Myzta

In this roundtable video, Roblox senior game designer Erin Jennings interviews Myzta, developer of Mermaid Life, about worldbuilding for games. Learn how gameplay, environment art and level design work together to create an immersive world for your players.

Social Features Roundtable featuring Block Evolution

In this roundtable video, Roblox lead game design Dan Spaventa interviews Block Evolution developers BlockFaceSteve and BlockFaceBob, creators of Club Roblox. They discuss the value of social engagement on Roblox and how they design social features like cooperative mini-games, parties and trade.