Marketing and Community Engagement

Cultivating an active player base is an instrumental part of developing a successful and enduring game. The following videos feature insights from top developers about marketing their games, acquiring new players, and engaging with their player communities.

Designing for YouTube Engagement Roundtable ft. KreekCraft and Wonder Works

In this roundtable, YouTube star KreekCraft and Wonder Works Studio developers WonderWorksZach and JoshWWS1 (TIMMEH, Overlook Bay) discuss designing a game for YouTube engagement. Learn what influencers and developers offer each other, what YouTubers look for in the games they play, and how to forge a mutually-beneficial partnership.

LiveOps Roundtable ft. Ruddev Media

In this roundtable video, Roblox senior game designer Erin Jennings interviews Ruddev Media developers x_o and ruddev_ethan, creators of Bad Business. They discuss LiveOps strategies, production processes and tips for engaging with the player community.

Narrative and Level Design Roundtable featuring MiniToon

In this roundtable, Roblox lead game designer Dan Spaventa interviews MiniToon, the developer of Piggy, about narrative design, level design, and community engagement.

Brand Partnerships and IP Games Roundtable ft. Toya, The Metaverse Team and The Gang

In this roundtable, members of Toya (Miraculous RP), The Metaverse Team (Nerf Strike), and The Gang Stockholm (Angry Birds) share their insights about developing games with brand partners.