Testing Characters

It's important to constantly test your models during and after the creation process to ensure that your character can interact with various social and environmental elements in any experience.

Whether you are using a template character, or your own custom assets, use the information provided in Testing in Blender and Testing in Studio throughout your workflow to comprehensively test your assets and quality check your models.

Use the following table as an overview of common tests and resources to verify each component of your character model.

ComponentTesting Recommendations

Body Parts
When modeling, confirm that your geometry follows avatar geometry specifications.

When texturing, confirm that your geometry follows avatar texture specifications.

Use Blender's posing tools to check the rigging and skinning quality of your asset.

Face Animation
Confirm that your FACS data is present and correctly configured.

Cage Mesh
Manually verify that your cage mesh completely and tightly covers your character model and follows avatar outer cage specifications.

Manually verify that your attachment points are correctly positioned and follow avatar attachment specifications.