Environmental Art Curriculum

Environmental art is the discipline of creating and configuring 3D environments that embody and facilitate gameplay requirements, immerse users within your experience, and provide contextual information about the world itself.

You'll learn how to recreate a high-quality environment for a first-person shooter laser tag experience by following step-by-step processes and best practices for level design, developing assets, and optimization efforts for memory and performance that you can then implement in your own experiences.

This course is intended for readers who are familiar with general building concepts and tools in Roblox Studio. If you need help learning how to build an environment, try the core curriculum.

Course contents

Learn how to add simple shapes to the 3D space in order to figure out how users will experience gameplay before investing time into polishing assets.

Learn about the concepts behind designing high-quality assets in third-party modeling tools that replace the greybox environment.

Learn how to import and configure your assets in a central location within your experience for easy access and reuse.

Learn how to utilize your asset library, as well as how to add and configure additional elements of the 3D space to bring your world to life.

Learn different strategies to keep your frame rate and performance levels high across devices, especially those with memory limitations.