Events Platform

As part of your promotion initiatives, the integrated Events Platform lets you create time-based events for your experience. Users can discover your events on the experience's detail page and through an event details page. Users can also opt into notifications that they'll receive when your event begins.

Example event page on the Roblox website

Managing Events

You can manage events through the Creator Dashboard, under the Events tab.

Events section on the Creator Dashboard

Creating Events

To create an event, you must be the group owner of any group-owned experience, or be the sole owner of a user-owned experience. Currently, you can publish a maximum of 10 ongoing or upcoming events.

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard.

  2. With the Events tab selected, click the Create Event button.

  3. On the event creation screen, click the Select Experience widget, choose the experience associated with your event, and click the Confirm button.

    Select Experience widget on the Creator Dashboard
    Experience Picker widget on the Creator Dashboard
  4. Enter the event name, description, a starting date/time at least 15 minutes in the future, and an ending date/time. Your description should follow general best practices and accurately portray the event, including:

    • A summary of the event and how it relates to the overall experience. If you're using the event to promote a major experience update, summarize the key updates.
    • Incentives for players to join the event, such as exclusive event-specific merch, "boss fight" challenges, badges that may be earned during the event, and more.
  5. When ready, click Publish Event to immediately publish the event details page and make your event discoverable on the experience's detail page. If you're not ready to publish the event, click Save to keep an editable draft for future publication.

    Example events on the Creator Dashboard

Publishing Draft Events

Events that you saved as drafts during creation remain editable until you publish them. You can find drafted events on the Drafts page of the Creator Dashboard.

Drafts category button on Creator Dashboard

To publish a draft event:

  1. Hover over the event thumbnail, click the button, and select Configure Event.

    Event's right-click context menu indicating the selection of Configure Event
  2. Confirm or update the event details, then click Publish Event to immediately publish the event details page and add the event to the Events section of the experience's detail page. Remember that you cannot change the event's associated experience after publishing, and assets that are pending review or are moderated will display a placeholder.

Canceling or Deleting Events

To cancel an upcoming/active event, or to delete a draft/past/canceled event and remove its detail page.

  1. Visit the Upcoming, Past, or Drafts page.

  2. Hover over the event thumbnail, click the button, and select either Cancel Event or Delete Event.

    Event's right-click context menu indicating the selection of Cancel Event

Event Discovery

Event Details Page

All published events feature an event details page which you can share with players on and off platform. To access a shareable link, you can use either the event details page itself or the Upcoming page.

From the event details page, click/tap the share button below the event title to open your device's native sharing UI, or to copy the link to your clipboard.

Share button indicated on event details page

Experience Detail Page

All published events also appear in a dedicated Events section on the experience's detail page. Players can join active events directly through the Join Now button, or click Notify Me for upcoming events to receive stream notifications in their Roblox inbox and the ability to opt into push notifications.

Event promoted on experience's detail page

Stream/Push Notifications

Users who click Notify Me for an upcoming event will receive stream notifications in their Roblox inbox when the event starts. In addition, they can opt into push notifications to receive a notification on their device that will take them into the experience. Stream notifications remain accessible in the player's Roblox inbox for the duration of the event, making it easy for them to hop back in at any time.

Event notification on phone lock screen
Notification on phone lock screen
Event notification in Roblox app
Notification in Roblox app