Get Started with Experiences on Roblox

Roblox is a 3D creation platform that provides an all-in-one IDE that includes the Roblox engine, a client emulator, and all the tools and APIs you need to start creating Roblox experiences.

Get Studio and Take the TourGet acclimated with Studio by downloading and launching the onboarding tour.
Create Your First ExperienceCreate a catapult that launches spheres into blocks while learning important Roblox concepts.
Learn about the PlatformRoblox is designed for mega-scale, 3D worlds. Learn about how it works!OverviewFor Unity DevelopersFor Unreal Developers

Play and Create with Templates

Roblox Studio has a variety of templates that you can edit and play without prior knowledge. Give them a try and add on to them when you're ready!

RacingPlay this high-octane racing experience with realistic driving mechanics with your friends!
Modern CityAn immersive city that you can explore and add on to. Check out the links to documentation inside the experience for more information.
BaseplateAn empty canvas to start with. You'll likely use this template the most after you get acclimated with Roblox.

Learn with Curriculum Paths

To dive deeper, follow along with guided curriculum that teaches you the skills you need to create and monetize your experiences.

CoreThe Core Curriculum walks you through building a simple 3D platformer where players collect coins to trade for jump power.
Environmental ArtEnvironmental Art teaches you how to recreate a high-quality environment for a first-person laser tag experience.
Gameplay ScriptingGameplay Scripting teaches you how to build logic for a first-person laser tag experience.


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